NIHC Products and Services

NIHC Products
and Services

NIHC Verify

The NIHC Verify program is operated by NIHC and takes the first step towards product safety. This program requires products to be tested in a lab that has passed a Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) certification audit. The Verify program supports NIHC’s mission to promote testing transparency, standards requirements, consumer confidence, and ultimately product safety. Learn more here.

NIHC Global Directory

NIHC has established a global laboratory directory in partnership with Global Data Vision ( to further promote transparency, and to provide consumers and customers the opportunity to review the labs that are testing hemp-related products. To learn more or to sign up for the NIHC Global Directory, please click here.

NIHC Standards Committee

The NIHC Standards Committee is comprised of various subject matter experts within the hemp industry. From manufacturers to laboratories to farmers, this group helps to identify specific needs, and then develop industry-related standards and other technical publications to help address these needs. To join this group of experts, please email Lakshmy Mahon, NIHC Executive Vice President at