About NIHC

A product of its time

As we set out, Hemp is one of those materials that is both versatile and sustainable. And it is yet to be used to its fullest potential, be that in clothing, construction, fuels or manufacturing.

The mission of the National Industrial Hemp Council of America is simple – to right this wrong by educating businesses and consumers on the benefits of hemp, creating the demand needed to drive markets, and in doing this supporting our members.

A market driven by sustainability and growth

The Global Hemp Industry is growing at a steady pace. This is good, but not good enough. We must accelerate this growth as new uses for hemp are pioneered, more governments embrace the industry and consumers continue to invest in more sustainable products.

NIHC’s international market development focuses on Europe and Asia. Target countries include Germany, Spain, Czech Republic, Austria, Poland, the Netherlands, Croatia, Switzerland, Italy and the UK, and China, Japan, South Korea and Thailand.

Supporting our members

The NIHC helps new market entrants and established producers. We do this by sharing our resources, research and knowledge and enabling our members to network. We campaign for and advise upon a legislative framework across the industry, and we educate consumers on the applications and advantages of industrial hemp.


NIHC brings together an expert team of leaders from across sectors and disciplines. Together they work tirelessly to promote the production and use of hemp both in North America and worldwide. This is not just a good thing to do, it is essential.

Board of Directors

Our Staff

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