NIHC Applauds Biden Administration on Cannabis Action

WASHINGTON, D.C. – The National Industrial Hemp Council of America (NIHC) President and CEO Patrick Atagi released the following statement after President Joe Biden announced he would be pardoning all federal offenses for simple marijuana possession and directing federal regulators to review how higher-THC cannabis is scheduled

“We welcome the President’s executive action to reverse the effects of the nation’s antiquated drug laws that have served only to create an unsafe and illicit market for higher-THC cannabis products. We strongly believe that the nation’s prohibitionist approach to marijuana has severely hamstrung the industrial use and environmental benefits of the burgeoning hemp industry. 

“Hemp can be food. Hemp can be shelter. Hemp can be clothing. Hemp can be medicine. But what hemp is not is higher-THC cannabis. But with the right approach, federal regulators can begin reviewing the end use of cannabis products to make them safer, create access across the board to the banking system for all cannabis operators, and create standards and labeling requirements so that consumers have confidence in the quality of the products they’re buying.

“The NIHC does not support current efforts in the Senate to legalize cannabis because of unreasonable proposals that would regulate hemp-derived products. We’re thankful the White House is engaging in this important discussion, and we look forward to working with them to create a hemp economy that works for everyone.”

About NIHC 

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